Redl's Home-Grown Beef Ltd.  - Product Guarantee -

                                         PRODUCT GUARANTEE



 Very Simple! - We Unconditionally Guarantee Our Beef - Period!


If you are not happy with your beef purchase, we will refund your money in full on the un-used portion of the beef order.  We ask that we be notified within 30 days of delivery and the un-used portion be handled properly while in your care (kept frozen, together, and in original wrapping) until return arrangements are made.

                                   Why this policy?

Quite frankly, we are very confident in our beef: based upon a 44 year history of satisfied customers providing positive feedback on quality and service.  Many of these customers re-order on an annual/semi annual basis.  And it is our customers who "sell" our meat to friends and acquaintances at dinners and gatherings. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.


                We're serious about healthy, quality beef.  

                           The buck stops  here with us!




                                        OUR GOALS


We strive to:


      - produce exceptional quality beef at a reasonable cost to our health-

          conscious friends and customers.

      - act in a responsible fashion: respectful of the environment, it's

          indigenous plant/animal communities, it's peoples, and it's clean air

          and water.

      - be profitable within an industry plagued by decades of financial

          instability. We hope that marketing our beef directly to consumers will

          reverse this trend.

      - build great rapport with our customers through honesty, accountability,

          and trust.

      - minimize stress in our animals by using patient, quiet handling

          techniques and by following strict herd health protocols

      - become an agricultural enterprise with a light carbon footprint.  With

          rising concerns involving global warming and peak oil issues, we feel

          it is important to look at our operation with a critical eye. Researchers

          say that 'industrial' agriculture consumes huge quantities of energy

          (oil) in the form of petro-based products such as herbicides,

          pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and fuel. We hope to minimize our

          energy (oil) consumption by following 4 basic principles: 1) continue

          to prohibit any use of herbicide/pesticide what-so-ever, 2) continue to

          use natural soil supplements  (manure, liquid fish fertilizer) in place of

          chemical alternatives, 3) move toward no-till methods of field

          renovation to reduce fuel use and carbon losses from the soil,     

          4) continue the use of ecologically-sustainable forest practices on our

          woodlands by using selection harvesting rather than clearcutting.



    More information on these important topics of "peak oil" and sustainability 

    can be found on the following websites:





  The two documentary films:  FOOD INC  and  KING KORN  provide an interesting overview of the current state of affairs in North America's industrial agricultural practices and food supply.  A "must see" for those of you concerned about  obtaining healthy, nutritious, food. 


  And for the book worms, a really great read is  The Omnivore's Dilemma  by Michael Pollan.  Like the films noted above, it goes into detail about our (North American) industrialized food system and probably will change the way you look at fast food....................forever?????