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Here's a blog link that you may find interesting:   Cindy Quach, the author, is a teacher in Coquitlam and  a real fan of farmers' markets and the quality of food available at them.  With her permission, I have included her blog link above and have quoted a couple of her comments  which seem to be a common thread with many people that we chat with at the markets.   She writes; " I want to meet and know the people who produce what I eat..."  and  " It does not hurt, of course, that when we can look the person who produce our food in the eye..."


Thanks Cindy for your message reflecting what we are hearing from many folks: and that is the attractiveness of old fashioned, healthy, non-industrialized sources of food from local suppliers/producers who are readily available to talk to.



And with permission, I include Jana Voth's comments to me in one of her emails:  "My husband and I were first time customers last year and REALLY (her emphasis) enjoyed your beef.  We were blown away at how amazing beef could really taste." Jana & Mark are from Abbotsford.



Bonnie, in Vancouver (Cambie Village area) tried our extra lean ground beef and commented: (printed with her permission)    " I must say that the ground beef is the best I have ever tasted in my life (and I grew up on a farm)! " 

A rancher's note:   At our markets, Barrie and I both joke with our customers that, if they were to try our ground beef,  " we will have you for life ".  Bonnie's comment captures the essence of what people tell us about the burger; ............and apparently our kidding does bear some truth.  - Tom


Michel in Abbotsford emailed me with an interesting experience.  When I double-checked with her to ensure she was okay with me posting her comments, name, etc., her reply was that she would be 'proud' to have it included in this section of our site.  Thank you Michel. (I've included the full email to provide some background info for our readers.) (unedited)


"Hi Tom.  I was just at the Farmer's market here in Abbotsford and was talking to Barrie and Marge.  I was telling them how a lady at work was selling beef from her farm and I thought I'd try hers. I should have stuck with your beef. He asked if I'd write something that could be posted and I said definitely.  Here goes:

A couple of years ago we purchase a quarter of beef from the Redl's home grown beef.  It was amazing!  Very little fat and incredible taste.  We decided long ago that we weren't purchasing beef from the grocery store due to the difference in taste, so after running out of the Redl's beef, a lady at work was selling her beef.  I thought, "why not?" Now I know why not as it is definitely not the same!! The ground beef is fattier as are the steaks.I have now ordered another quarter from the Redl farm and will not change again."


Michel M. White (Mrs.)

Abbotsford, BC