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                  (Phone,  e-mail your order to Barrie or Tom)


               Barrie: 250 296-4252,  email


                                   Tom:    e-mai



   STEAKS       Price per 1 lb.                GROUND BEEF    Price per pkg.        

  (1-2 per pkg.)                                  (Extra Lean - over 25# @ $6.00/lb.)              


  Tenderloin          27.00                                   1 lb. pkg.              6.50


  New York            21.00                                 1.5 lb. pkg.             9.75            


  Sirloin                 14.50                            Sliders pkg.                7.75            


  Ribeye                 22.00                            Patties (4 pack)         8.25             


   Flank                  12.00                                                             



                  SAUSAGES   Price  per pkg      


                           Garlic and Hungarian    12.50 


                           Mild Italian        14.50 (approx.)


                            Bratwurst          14.50 (approx.)


                            Chorizo              14.50 (approx.)




 ROASTS             Price per 1 lb.           

 (approx. 2 lbs.)                                                        BITS & BITES      Price per pkg.        


  Tenderloin               27.00 when avail                            Stew                      9.00           

                                                                                     Stirfry                   9.25             


                                                                                      Soup Bones            7.00                

  Sirloin Tip                11.00                        

                                                                                      Oxtail                  12.00            

                                                                                      Ribs (Back, Short) 7.50/lb.              

                                                                                      Jerky (1/4 lb.)      not avail.              

   Brisket                     9.00                                              Osso Bucco           7.50/lb.            

   Round                       9.50                    




   Heart - 7.00 each     Liver - 2.75/pkg    Kidney - 5.00 each   Tongue - 10.00 each




                                    FOR YOUR PET                   



                                      Dog Bricks (ea.)    3.50


                             Dog Bricks (bulk)     3.00


                  Dog bones    3 " Marrow:  6.00/bag (6 pieces)


                                      Large Knuckle bone for pets:  6.00 ea.





             BEEF BY THE:   BOX,   QUARTER,    SIDE



   BOX OF BEEF - Try a Sample Pac by ordering your favourite mix of 

                                 Natural Beef Cuts.     



 QUARTER BEEF  (side split evenly: blend of front & hind quarter cuts)

                            - $5.50/lb   based on hanging weight of about 140 lbs.

                              Price includes Generic cut, wrapped, frozen and

                              delivered.  Quarter Beef will fill about 3 paper

                              grocery bags.    Generic Cut = European style, high end cut

                              with bone removed. (See our Quarter Beef link for more info)




                            - $5.50/lb. based on hanging weight of about 280 lbs.

                            The side is cut, wrapped, frozen, and delivered.     

                             Remember Custom Cut is available on all Sides!  A

                             Side of Beef will fill about 6-7 paper grocery bags.



     (Note: On our sides and quarters, take home weights can be 25-35% less than hanging

                weights due to trim and de-boning)