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                                              Howdy Folks



                                     Welcome to Our Outfit



                                Introducing the "Ranch-hands":



                                 Barrie, Marge, Brody   Redl

 Although we all pitch in and help with various ranch chores through the year, we also have our specialties. Barrie  oversees and coordinates all cattle-related activities. Marge manages the accounts as well as works off the ranch in an orthodontics practice.  Brody, youngest son, is working in Alberta.



                   Travis, Connie-Lyn,  Willa-Lyn & Mackenzie Rae  Redl

Barrie/Marge's oldest son Travis and his wife Connie-Lyn, look after most aspects of herd management including feeding, calving, turnout/mustering, riding range, and herd health.  As well, often you will find Travis working on a horse; be it shoeing, or training where his proficiency & passion in handling horses is very apparent.  Connie-Lyn, while also  adept in the saddle, teaches at our local elementary school.  They have two daughters; Willa-Lyn, our up and coming young cow-girl and Mackenzie Rae, our new arrival on the ranch - born Dec. 2013.



                   Tom, Heidi, Ben, Sam, and Lexie  Redl 

Tom (Barrie's brother) focuses more on the woodlands management and log hauling side of the operation. Heidi works for the local Curves (for Women) gym.  Ben and Sam are pursuing careers in the field of engineering: Ben in Kamloops with CN; Sam in Grande Prairie with Autopro (electronic control systems).  Lexie is considering using her degree  (English/Anthropology) by teaching english (ESL) overseas.