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Animals entering our slaughter beef program are raised on our ranch: an environment which encourages quiet, patient handling, grazing in wide open spaces on pastures & meadowlands, and other practices designed to minimize stress in the cattle, and our impact on the land and it's resources. In this way, we are able to provide beef that is flavourful, tender, reasonably priced, AND with the added bonus of being free of antibiotics, harmful chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, artificial hormones, growth stimulants/implants) and harmful feed additives (feed efficiency drugs, animal by-products, medicated feeds).  Important to us and our customers is Chain-of-Custody: a management system which guarantees that our beef;

     1)  are raised in a manner respectful of the animal and its 


     2)  are free of harmful chemicals, added hormones, medicated

          feeds, antibiotics, animal by-products;

     3)  is in fact in the packages which you receive from us and end

          up on your dinner table.

  This last point is important since some butcher shops will not guarantee that we would receive our beef back that we had delivered for butchering in the first place.  Since we make assurances regarding the lack of harmful chemicals etc., finding the right butcher that is careful in this regard is absolutely imperative.  We are fortunate to have such a butcher shop in our community.  If you would like additional information on this important topic, follow the links to FAQs: Chain-of-Custody.

  Once the selection is made for the candidate animals for our slaughter program in the fall at weaning time, (calves having received medications are culled and sold through the local auction) the group is overwintered on a feed ration of legume-grass hay/haylage and minerals. (We no longer feed any grain to our animals due to their high costs and GMO concerns.)  Once spring arrives, these animals are turned out onto private pastures & meadowlands for further growth and finishing.  These croplands have a mixture of alfalfa, clover, brome, orchard grass, timothy, and natural grasses.  Only mineral licks and an abundant supply of clean, fresh water are provided as additional dietary inputs.  No corn is fed.  When animals reach finishing weight, small groups are selected and sent to Spokin Lake Meats; a local provincially certified meat processing plant.  Frank and Karin Rohls own this family business and provide an excellent service to their customers.  All meat is federally inspected and handled properly according to CFIA protocols (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).  For our customers, Frank & Karin cut and wrap our beef in a style which features the de-boning of the carcass and separation of muscle groups prior to cutting into individual pieces.  This method is considered high-end cutting.  We call it the generic cut in our literature: all quarters are prepared in this way.  Our natural beef is available by the piece at farmer's markets, and by the BOX, SIDE, or 'QUARTER' through orders placed directly with us.  Extra lean hamburger is our signature product:  we sell a great deal of it.  It is available in either 1 lb. or 1.5 lb. packages and is sold individually or bagged together in larger orders of 25 lbs.  Given the feed-back we receive, we KNOW you will notice a big difference to store-bought beef.

  Once you decide to try our natural beef, ordering is easy.  Clicking on the Order Form button will provide you with information on what we offer and at what price.  Simply make your selections; then fax/ph./e-mail them to us and we will deliver, usually at no extra cost.  The Quarter Beef link will be of interest to those of you considering ordering by the Quarter or Side. This link provides information relating to the content of a quarter beef (what cuts are in it) and the price savings when ordering in this way.  Remember, our prices cover all costs (cut, wrapped, frozen) INCLUDING delivery. (Please note: if high fuel prices become an issue, we may need to add a very small fuel surcharge.)    We have customers along the Hwy 97-Hwy 1 corridor from Prince George to Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 

   Contact us if you have questions about our animals, our ranch operation, the butcher shop, or Redl's Home-Grown Beef Ltd. 


       Thank you for considering and supporting BC agriculture.